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Putin "to invade Ukraine on WEDNESDAY"

 Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine as early as next Wednesday, February 16 according to respected German publication, Der Spiegel.

American intelligence services briefed NATO allies of a possible impending Russian invasion against its western neighbor in a series of secret briefings.

The Secret Service, CIA and the Pentagon are said to have received credible information that was passed along to the federal government, reports the German newspaper. 

The data was said to be exceptionally detailed with information stating specific routes that might be taken by individual Russian units and what roles they might play in any conflict.

Despite the detail contained in the plans, it is impossible to know for sure whether an attack is indeed imminent. 

Der Speigel suggests that one possible U.S. tactic to scupper Russian plans is to make them public, including the invasion date.  

The White House has publicly underscored that the U.S. does not know with certainty whether Putin is committed to an invasion. 

However, U.S. officials said anew that Russia's buildup of offensive air, land and sea firepower near Ukraine has reached the point where it could invade on short notice.

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