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Get vaccinated or stay in jail! New York Communists judges order defendants to get COVID-19


A Communists New York judge ordered a defendant to get the COVID-19 vaccine as part of his plea deal, while another made it part of a drug dealing suspect's bail terms, as an attorney said judges have no unilateral authority to mandate vaccination.   

Recently, in a rare move, Manhattan judge Jed Rakoff granted the release of Elouisa Pimental, a woman accused of drug dealing, on the condition she get vaccinated. 

'A condition of bail that is reasonably necessary is to require that the defendant receive a COVID-19 vaccination before being released.

'It seems obvious that the court has ample authority to impose such a condition,' read the bail terms issued by Rakoff's court. 

He used the Bail Reform Act 1984, which allows judges to impose rules to avoid suspects freed on bail from posing a danger to the public. 

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