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Federal prosecutors launch probe into whether Louisiana State Police tried to block investigation

 A federal investigation will look at allegations that Louisiana State Police leadership ignored bodycam video and pressed a prosecutor not to bring any charges in the death of Ronald Greene.Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Louisiana State Police leadership obstructed justice to protect the white troopers seen on long-withheld body camera video punching, dragging and tasing black driver Ronald Greene during his fatal 2019 arrest.

The new investigation, which was ordered by the FBI last month, marks a significant expansion of the federal inquiry that began as a blow-by-blow examination of the troopers' violence against Greene and their apparent efforts to cover it up. 

Investigators are now moving up the chain of command, probing allegations that supervisors disregarded the video evidence. They are also looking into whether cops quashed a recommendation to arrest one of the troopers and pressed a state prosecutor not to bring any charges on the same day that bodycam footage of Greene's fatal arrest was released, triggering nationwide outrage. 

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