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CNN faces calls to fire 'silent' Chris Cuomo for 'unethical' journalism

 CNN is facing mounting calls to fire its star host Chris Cuomo for breaching journalism standards by helping his brother Andrew respond to sexual harassment claims while ignoring the subject on air. Chris's show Prime Time with Chris Cuomo aired on Tuesday night at 9pm after round-the-clock coverage by every major news outlet about the report into his brother by New York Attorney General Letitia James. He ignored the subject entirely. Now, outraged viewers and media pundits are calling for his resignation or termination by CNN, saying it's a clear conflict of interest that can no longer be ignored. CNN did not respond to requests on Wednesday afternoon and it has offered no public statement on the issue. The AG's report named Chris, who makes $5million-a-year-at CNN, as one of his brother's advisers and told how he'd helped Andrew write statements in response to the allegations of 11 women. He wanted to make sure he sounded 'contrite' enough, according to the report. Journlalist and media pundit Glenn Greenwald (inset) tweeted: 'The idea that it was fine for Chris Cuomo to "interview" and "report on" his brother-Governor when his brother was popular -- but now cannot utter a word about his serious scandals -- is obviously pitiful. 'CNN wallowed in unethical journalism and is now stuck in this corner. 'If CNN, from the start, had just said: Chris Cuomo cannot objectively report on his brother and therefore will abstain and others will do it, that would have been fine. 'Instead, they cheered as he heaped praise on his brother and touted him as a future President,' Glenn Greenwald tweeted.

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