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Madison County SPCA NY ask NYPD to investigate "Tuxedo Cat" the beloved Brooklyn cat killed in Brooklyn

The Madison County SPCA Cruelty Investigations Department(Humane Law Enforcement) is one of a number of Animal Welfare organizations asking the NYPD to investigate the "Tuxedo Cat Case".The chunky black and white feline, known as the “mayor” of NYCHA’s Breukelen Houses, was viciously mauled to death on Jan. 13 after the owners of two dogs knocked him out of a tree with a stick and sicced their canines on him. 

Tuxedo had lived at the housing complex since 2011 and was part of a managed feral colony where he had a human caretaker, feline friends, and even a girlfriend. There is an online petition asking for justice https://www.animalvictory.org/sadistic_couple_encouraged_dogs_to_kill_beloved_neighborhood_cat



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