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Dramatic video shows snow shoveling dispute that escalated to murder-suicide

Disturbing new video captured the dramatic clash between a man and his neighbors shoveling snow in Pennsylvania that escalated to a murder-suicide.

Surveillance footage showed the married couple yelling obscenities at the man before he grabs a gun and shoots them both in the middle of the street Monday morning in Plains Township.

“If you step out of here, I’ll knock your a– out,” the male neighbor could be heard saying to the shooter.

Police said Jeffrey Spaide, 47, shot dead his neighbors, James Goy, 50, and his wife, Lisa, 48, after arguing about each other shoveling snow onto each other’s property.

“I’ll make your life a living hell living here d–khead,” James could be heard shouting to which Spaide responds, “What?… F–k you, you f–king scum.”

James’ wife, who is carrying a shovel, then chimes in, “You’re the f–king scumbag. You don’t know how to talk to somebody.”

“That’s right… You’re a p—y, p—y, p—y,” her husband continued while flipping off the man.


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