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Two women slashed outside New York Public Library in Midtown

She put blood, sweat and tears into her art.
A street artist and a vendor slashed one another in a scuffle over territory outside the New York Public Library, police said.
The violent encounter at East 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue happened just beside the library’s famed Patience and Fortitude statues — though the combatants apparently displayed neither.
One woman and her male friend were approached by another couple, who wanted to sell their goods on the corner, according to police.
The two couples started arguing, and the dispute turned physical, cops said.
The female street artist was slashed in the arm and treated on scene for minor injuries, police said.
The other woman was cut on her back and taken to a nearby hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, according to cops.
Cops arrested the two women and one of the men on pending charges.
The other man was still being sought by police.
Cops did not immediately provide the names of those involved, who were all in their mid-30s.

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