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President Trump rips Biden VP pick Kamala Harris

President Trump said Tuesday he was “surprised” that Democratic presidential foe Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris for his running mate — while ripping her as a lying, “nasty” pro-tax pol who was near the bottom of primary-race polls.
“She was my No. 1 draft pick,” Trump told reporters at a White House press conference when asked how he felt about Harris’ selection.
“I was surprised” that Biden picked her “because she did so poorly” in the primary race,” Trump said.
“She lied, she said things that were untrue,” he said of Harris’s career.
“She’s very big into raising taxes. … She is against fracking.”
Trump added that during the Senate’s confirmation hearings of now-US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Harris, a senator from California, “was extraordinarily nasty.”
He spent the first part of the press conference decrying violent anti-police, anti-racism protests continuing to rage in “Democratic cities” across the nation — calling the rallies “really the Democratic road map for America.”
He also expressed surprise that Biden would pick her, given how she treated him during the debates.
“She was very very nasty…. to Joe Biden. She was very disrespectful to Joe Biden,” he said. “She said things during the debates… that were horrible about ‘Sleepy Joe’ and I would think he wouldn’t have picked [her].”
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