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Group calls for "Johnstown Water Authority" Protest August Monday 31

A group of concerned citizens in Johnstown are going to request a Federal investigation for fraud and abuse in the Greater Johnstown Water Authority for that they are calling for a "Peaceful Protest this Monday August 31 at 11AM "in front of the office of the Johnstown Water Authority" at 640 Franklin St, Johnstown, PA 15901. The moves come after the water company started the shut down of water services to people who were affected by covid19 also the abusive payment arrangement that the water company is giving their customers and the abusive actions of Monica the authority supervisor.

customer complaints:

" Johnstown Water Authority makes up their own rules. I knew someone who would have their water turned off all the time even when they didn't receive a bill or when they made payment arrangements. Then they would charge $50 fee for a $30 bill. They owned their home. I also know people that rent and they don't turn the water off but add tons of late charges and leave it on for over a year and never tell the landlord. Then the landlord would get stuck with the bill. They SUCK!!"

"They charged me $900.00 of water fees and i am unable to pay because I lost my job due to the pandemic and guess what they told me I had to pay $600.00 dollars to avoid termination but how in the damn world i am going to pay is time for the Governor to put this company under PUC and under check i am also going to request a federal investigation"

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