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Donald Trump is briefly escorted from press briefing and returns to say 'Secret Service have SHOT suspect outside White House'

President Trump said it was his understanding the suspect was armed but didn't think it was necessarily about him. 
'It might not have had anything to do with me,' he said.
He said the agents took him to the Oval Office, which is just down the hall from the press briefing room.
The president said he was surprised by what happened but was not concerned for his personal safety.
'I was surprised,' he said. 'It's pretty unusual but very, very professional people. They do a fantastic job, as you know.'
'The world has been a dangerous place. Very dangerous place and it will continue, I guess, for a period of time. I feel very safe with Secret Service, they are fantastic people. They are the best of the best and they are highly trained,' he added. He said he never considered canceling his press briefing.
'I didn't even consider not coming back,' Trump said. 'I asked if I was able to come back, they said to wait a little while.'
And, with that, he somewhat impatiently returned to what he was saying before he was pulled from the room, talking about the rise in the stock market. 
President Trump had barely begun his press briefing when a Secret Service agent stepped into the press briefing room and whispered into the president's ear. President Trump left the room with him. 

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