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Another Johnstown Protest for Police Accountability on August 8

The President of CopWatch Jose Lasalle is coming from New York City to protest police abuse in front of the Johnstown Police Headquarters on August 8 at 3:00pm. The Activist is going to establish a CopWatch Unit in Johnstown to monitor "Police abuse and Corruption". Jose Lasalle is inviting citizens to come and protest in a peaceful manner.

Citizens in Johnstown are calling for:

1- The creation of the Cambria County Civilian Complaint Review Board.

2- For Johnstown Police to stop running for "warrants" the name of people who call the Police for service.

3- They are calling on the FBI and DOJ to investigate allegations of corruptions in Johnstown Police
Department including "suspicious car stops" and the shaking of drug dealers.

Some members of the protesting team want Erin Kabler to become the new Johnstown Police Chief.

"Erin is a great police officer he treats people with respect and that is the person that we need and we support to run Johnstown police department no anyone else"

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