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Boxer wants ACLU to investigate Johnstown Police

A Boxer wants ACLU to investigate the Johnstown Police Department's practice of running the name of complainants who call Police for help.

" For a long time the Johnstown Police Department has been running the names of the people who call 911 like they are criminals there is no justification for this department to run the name of someone who calls 911 for help and it needs to stop ..also we need a civilian complaint review board to operate in Cambria County...for that reason, I am going to establish the Cambria County Cop Watch program to monitor the police forces here and put an end to police corruption and abuse ...also we want people who know about police corruption to learn what to do and where to go we already have 13 members with cameras and ready to watch for police abuse and corruption and don't get me wrong we need to support the good cops but we need to bad ones out"

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