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After Mocking Prominent Black Puerto Rican Woman, Calls to Cancel ‘La Comay’ Return

Seven years after Kobbo Santarrosa’s then top-rated “SuperXClusivo” show was canceled by Puerto Rico’s WAPA-TV due to a boycott caused by the show’s history of racist, homophobic and yellow journalism tactics, new calls to remove a revamped “La Comay” from Mega TV have returned after Santarrosa’s puppet character mocked a prominent Black Puerto Rican woman’s accent during a Friday broadcast of the show.
The latest controversy came after the Comay puppet ridiculed Ana Irma Rivera Lassén, a Black Puerto Rican woman who was the head of Puerto Rico’s Bar Association from 2012-2014. Rivera Lassén is openly lesbian and a 2020 senatorial candidate for the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (MVC) party and a party spokesperson.
The video in question has been shared by several social media profiles in Puerto Rico, including human rights activist Pedro Julio Serrano. The clip shows the Comay puppet mocking Rivera Lassén’s accent and for acting like a Black servant to her white MVC counterpart.

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