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Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin is charged with murder of George Floyd

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin (main, left) was charged with murder and manslaughter on Friday after prosecutors found the cop had knelt George Floyd's neck for nearly three minutes after he lost consciousness. Chauvin was taken into custody by state investigators this afternoon - after three days of riots and protests (right) that erupted across Minneapolis - and several states - demanding justice for 46-year-old black man. As news of Chauvin's arrest broke around the country, protesters in Minneapolis were seen chanting: 'One down, three to go' and 'all four got to go', while in Florida, crowds rallied outside a town home belonging to the former cop. Floyd family attorney Ben Crump, who was among the first to call for criminal charges to be laid against Chauvin in the wake of Floyd's death, said the move is 'a welcome but overdue step on the road to justice' and demanded he be tried for murder in the first degree.
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