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Bigfoot in Pennsylvania "Man claims there is a bigfoot in the Jim Mayer Riverswalk"

"Hello, The foxnews.net I just recently located what you would all say was a Bigfoot nest or hide in the woods in the Jim Mayer Riverswalk in Johnstown Pennsylvania. I was able to take a picture that thing was walking in the river crossing over from Ferndale to the Moxham side of the river All the branches were snapped off and not sawn. I keep quiet because I am a teacher and would hate having people making fun of me over this by the way at night I saw something similar with my wife there is something going on out there because is not the first time I would ask your staff to explore the area at night you can actually see this monkey-like creature or bigfoot like I said before is not the first time I was lucky to take a picture this last week of April 2020"

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