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Four dead after mass shooting in Fresno backyard

Four people were dead and six others injured after a shooting at a backyard gathering in Fresno, California on Sunday night, a report said.
The carnage unfolded when a number of suspects barged onto the property at about 6 p.m. and opened fire while the guests were over watching Sunday football games, according to The Fresno Bee.
“Officers arrived on scene – what we found were several individuals deceased in the backyard,” Fresno Police Lt. Bill Dooley told the paper.
“Everyone was watching football this evening when unknown suspects approached the residence, snuck into the backyard and opened fire.”
The suspects fled following the bloodshed and, as of early Monday morning, remained at large.
None of the shooting victims were immediately identified.
The injured victims were taken to a nearby hospital, where some were listed in critical condition.
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