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Before-and-after photos show how Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas

hocking before-and-after photos show the devastation Hurricane Dorian unleashed on the Bahamas as it bore down on the island country as a Category 5 storm earlier this week.
Dorian killed at least 30 people as it slammed the country with sustained winds of 185 mph — but authorities have said the death toll is expected to rise even further.
The Abaco Islands, in the northern part of the country, took the brunt of the storm. The towns and islands of New Plymouth, Marsh Harbour, and Green Turtle Cay were flattened, with homes reduced to debris, the images show.
“You can’t stay here,” Sharona Etienne-Cole of Great Abaco told NPR Friday. “There’s a lot of contamination in the water … a lot of dead bodies and sewage, and the electrical company is wiped out. The banks are gone. It’s no use staying here.”
The Leonard Thompson International Airport in Marsh Harbour also appears to have been crushed by the hurricane, a post-storm aerial view shows.

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