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Shocking reality of life with a drug addict mother: Idaho girl, 17, shares horrifying photos of her childhood home with a baby lying in filth

The teenager, who is originally from Idaho, posted the devastating family album on Reddit, while sharing details of the squalor endured by herself and her four siblings while they were living with their drug addict mother. One shocking image shows the girl, now 17, aged approximately 18 months (center), lying on a filthy bed that is covered in food and garbage, and she revealed that there were several needles left lying on the windowsill just inches away from her head (far right in center photo). Another picture shows one of the girl's then-toddler age sisters standing in a room covered in trash (left), while another shows a girl who is thought to be the same sibling standing on a filthy carpet that is strewn with garbage (top right). The photos were taken by the teenager’s then-16-year-old brother, who wanted to raise awareness about the siblings’ living conditions; he showed the photos to a teacher, who then reported the mother to Child Protective Services. The five siblings were soon after taken into care, and the teenager was eventually adopted by a family living in another state. She concluded the post by sharing that she is living a much happier life, is soon to be a senior in high school, and hopes to one day adopt her own child.
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