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cop harassed on subway by foul-mouthed rider

The 60-second clip shared Tuesday by the city’s largest police union shows a man who appears to be his late 20s or early 30s daring an officer to “put hands” on him, which would give the young punk “every right to defend himself.”
“Oh, you do?” the cop replied. “You think so?”
“Yeah, so put your hands on me,” the man continued before threatening to assault the cop. “I’ll f–k you up.”
The officer, who could not be immediately identified, appeared to try to quell the situation, briefly shaking his head while telling the man to “do what you gotta do” as his partner stood nearby on the 4-train in the video shot earlier this week.
The bold thug kept publicly berating the cop.
“Suck my d–k,” the man said before taking a small step toward the officer, whose facial reaction was blocked by his partner’s shoulder.
At least two people can be heard on the clip laughing as the man chided the cop. The officer’s partner at one point referred to the man as “sir” video shows.
“Freedom of speech, I’m not doing nothing,” the man told the second cop.
“I understand,” the second cop continued.
Police union officials said the video was proof positive that the video clips posted online Monday of cops getting soaked with buckets of water in Brooklyn and Manhattan were not isolated incidents.
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