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The Satanic Temple wants to "Destroy Christians" says former member

On a quiet New England street, just steps from a yoga studio, a giant wicker sculpture of Baphomet — a demonic entity often associated with Satan — looked down on passersby. The statue is perched upon a historic colonial-style house, filled with occult and diabolical-themed art. And that house is the national headquarters of The Satanic Temple, a national organization whom according to a informant, wants to destroy christians.

"The satanic temple have one mission.. to destroy christians  I mean pastors evangelists... even president donald j trump how i know this because i was a hight priest till i saw pedophiles and other things that make me wonder what the hell i am doing in such a cult or coven if the christians that serve JESUS dont pray satan is going to use this church to cause damage to a lot of christian churches in the us ....this people are real they are coming ....they are going to even kill christians we need this satanic temple out of the us"

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