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Mass Shootings Are “Engineered” By U.S Government CIA and Deep State

Gun control. It’s an ongoing debate in the USA, and a topic which sparks some very strong opinions on both sides. Supporters of Obama’s proposal to restrict access to deadly weapons point out that other countries in the world don’t have gun stores on every corner, and as a result there are fewer homicides (and pretty much no school shootings, ever). In Britain, even the police don’t routinely carry guns, and we manage just fine. In Switzerland, where military service is still compulsory, the majority of citizens own a gun- but only in case of a national emergency would the weapons ever be used, and their gun crime stats are extremely low as a result. Doesn’t a gun-friendly society inevitably breed violence? If you own a gun, aren’t you more likely to shoot someone? When you take into account that 549 people have died and 507 injured in gun-related incidents in the USA since 1982, the anti-gun lobby seems to make a simple, logical argument for increased control. On the other hand, the Second Amendment in the American Bill of Rights allows the people to ‘keep and bear arms’, something which many citizens are fiercely passionate about protecting. Supporters of gun rights frequently argue that ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’, and there is a sense that the Second Amendment is citizens’ only protection against their Government. After all, if they can change the Constitution at will, it’s a slippery slope to tyranny, right? What will they scrap next? The First Amendment? The Third? While many outside the States might see this as a curious case of mass paranoia, are American constitutionalists right to worry? Former CIA Agent Robert Pollas stated that mass shootings are orchestrated plots by the U.S Government to drum up public support for gun restriction laws.
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