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Local nurse sent to Puerto Rico says 'situation is becoming dire' over 1oo deads of Leptospirosis

A local St. Joseph Hospital nurse, Randee Litten is in Puerto Rico on a humanitarian relief mission with dozens of nurses as part of the Registered Nurse Response Network. Litten said she has been in Puerto Rico since Wednesday, Oct. 4. On Sunday, Kelly Delgado, a nurse who works with Litten in Humboldt County, shared Litten's statement with North Coast News about her experience in Puerto Rico thus far: "I have been on the ground in San Juan Puerto Rico since Wednesday with 300 other American Union Workers with with RN Response Network, coordinated by AFL-CIO. FEMA is here with supplies, but out of approximately 40 towns accessed so far FEMA hasn’t released food or water in ANY of them other than one air drop. A line formed outside FEMA in Rio Grande two nights ago. People waited 24 hours only to receive 1 16oz water and a one snack size Cheez-it’s. The people of Puerto Rico are starving and have no access to water. People are dying from Leptospirosis, a specific bacteria in the water system. They have turned off the water and we are running out of bottled water. The situation is becoming dire. Apparently FEMA attempted to do one air drop in the town of Lares yesterday but the town rioted and fought over the limited supplies and people were injured. We are marching to FEMA Headquarters at 11a today for answers and to demand they release the food and water so we can distribute it to the public!!"
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