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Surveillance video 'shows disoriented 19-year-old walking into hotel freezer alone and the door shutting behind her' hours before she was found dead after wild party

A popular Chicago activist who claims to have seen surveillance footage of Kenneka Jenkins hours before her death said Thursday that the young woman entered the hotel's walk-in freezer alone and was not forced inside. Andrew Holmes, who has worked in the community for decades fighting against violence, told the Chicago Tribune that detectives in Rosemont allowed him to view the video on Wednesday when he went to seek answers on behalf of Jenkins' family. 'We all was wondering and wanted to know did anybody pull her down there?' Holmes told reporters Thursday. 'Did anybody force her down there? Was anybody on the other side in that room when she got down there? And the answer to that is 'no.' Jenkins' body was discovered in the industrial, walk-in freezer at The Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago, on Saturday at around midnight.

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