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Altitude sickness kills college student on hiking trip

A Pennsylvania college student died last week from altitude sickness during a hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains, according to relatives. Susanna DeForest, of Collegeville, was hiking with friends late Thursday when she fell ill trying to reach the Conundrum Hot Springs in Colorado, the Times Herald reported. The group had planned to spend the night at the hot springs, but stopped to set up camp when the 20-year-old started vomiting on the Conundrum Creek Trailhead. Two friends left to get help, while a third stayed with DeForest on the trail, which begins at 8,765 ft. and reaches an elevation more than 11,000 ft. Emergency dispatchers were contacted around 10:45 p.m., but were unable to land the rescue helicopter at her location. Authorities said that the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design student had already died by when they finally reached her at 5 a.m. Friday. Her mom Kate DeForest said that her daughter died from “acute altitude sickness” in a Facebook post. “Her friends who were with her did all they could to get help to her in time,” DeForest wrote. “We have made a trip to Colorado to see her one last time and visit a place she loved here.” A memorial service will be held Sunday for the 20-year-old.
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