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Former Miss Kentucky USA arrested for trying to smuggle marijuana into an Ohio prison for an inmate

A former beauty pageant winner from Kentucky has been accused of smuggling marijuana into an Ohio prison for an inmate. 28-year-old Kia Hampton was arrested on May 28 for smuggling marijuana into the Allen Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio which she was allegedly trying to give to Jeremy Kelly, an inmate at the prison. Hampton was crowned Miss Kentucky USA in 2011 and was the first black woman chosen to represent Kentucky in the Miss USA Pageant. Hampton was served a search warrant upon arriving at the Allen Correctional Institution on May 26 for an inmate visit. Officers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol listened to phone calls and found enough evidence to warrant a cavity search, according to the Courier Journal. While interrogating the Louisville, Kentucky, native, she supposedly reached into her pants let and pushed a white balloon to the floor.Officials would then determine that she was carrying 2.82 grams off weed into the jail, Assistant Allen County Prosecutor Kenneth Sturgill said.The former beauty queen was indicted on July 13. The third-degree felony charge of bringing drugs onto government facility grounds carries a maximum three-year prison sentence upon conviction. She is scheduled to be arraigned on July 26 in Allen County.

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