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Fisherman arrested after wife’s body washes ashore tied to anchor

A body washed up in an upstate New York lake tied to an anchor and with a gunshot wound to the head — and cops say it’s a missing Pennsylvania woman whose husband is charged with her murder. Christopher Leclair, a commercial fisherman, allegedly bound Karen Leclair’s body with nylon fishing rope and secured the anchor to her torso before he dumped her in Lake Erie. A fisherman found the body Tuesday on the shoreline a few miles away from Dunkirk in upstate New York. Christopher, 48, of Albion, Pa., reported his 51-year-old wife missing on June 11, telling police she was feeling sick and sitting on a bucket on the edge of a boat when she fell overboard. He told police he wasn’t looking the moment she went over. The lying hubby was charged with her murder, however, after surveillance cameras in Erie showed the couple leaving together June 10 and Christopher returning alone. Footage from the following day showed him getting the boat alone and again returning alone. Christopher’s father, Earnest Leclair, was also charged in connection to Karen’s death for trying to hide the revolver used to shoot her, police said. Earnest is accused of moving the murder weapon from one hiding spot and concealing it under a bed at Christopher and Karen’s home, where investigators found it.
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