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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Unmasked – the internet's cruelest hoaxer.

It was a viral video which raised the hopes of a mother that her missing daughter could still be alive, eight years after she vanished. The clip, which came to be known as Hi Walter! featured a portly man who appeared to have a girl captive and chained. It was so convincing that police mounted a lengthy investigation into whether the girl was Kayla Berg, last seen alive in 2009 when she was 15, in her hometown of Antigo, Wisconsin. But they concluded the video was a hoax, and its perpetrators were a mystery. Now DailyMail.com can reveal the hoax was perpetrated by two men and a woman from upstate New York, led by a single 36-year-old computer sci-fi fan, Michael Maton. Confronted over his part in the hoax, Maton initially called it 'slander', but then admitted he was the man on screen – and blamed the 'media' for not understanding the 'fictional web horror' .

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