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Nursing home worker posted senior sex videos online: cops

A nursing home employee in Florida was caught secretly recording a pair of seniors having sex — and posting the footage to Snapchat, cops said. Alexis Williams, 20, is accused of filming an 81-year-old woman and a 59-year-old man doing the deed inside a private room at the Bristol Court Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg last August, according to Bay News 9. The Pinellas County woman was arrested Wednesday after being done in by a tipster, who spotted the video and alerted staff. The couple apparently had no idea they were being filmed by Williams, who denies everything. “I asked them, ‘Where’s their proof?’ and I won’t say nothing else until they give me proof,” she told Bay News after being released from custody Wednesday. But investigators insisted that they had more than enough evidence to charge Williams with video voyeurism — including a confession, surveillance video of her in the act and records provided by Snapchat, itself.“I think it’s deplorable,” said Helen King with the Area Agency on Aging, a private non-profit agency serving seniors and their caregivers in the area. “I wouldn’t want it to be someone from my own family at that assisted-living when that happened,” she told CBS Miami. “I hate the fact that she’s already out of jail that quick.” Bristol Court has since fired Williams and the sheriff’s office has also been reportedly probing whether to get rid of the facility, as well. State records obtained by the outlet show that the nursing home has shelled out more than $6,000 in fines improperly trained staff, workers forgetting to give residents medications and lying on their medical charts. “You just have to be very, very careful because it’s the life of an older person that you’re placing into here,” King explained. “You want to trust that the people that hire them knew what they were doing and did all the things they should be doing.”
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