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INMIGRANT: Son, 18, who walked out with his mother's severed HEAD in one hand and a bloody knife in the other was in the country illegally

A federal official says an 18-year-old man accused of decapitating his mother in Zebulon, North Carolina, on Monday was in the country illegally. The suspect, Oliver Funes Machada, was charged with first-degree murder Monday after authorities say he called 911 to say he had killed his mother. Funes was found walking down the street with her severed head in one hand and a bloody butcher's knife in the other. He is being transferred to Central Prison in Raleigh, and his next court appearance is scheduled for March 14. Bryan Cox, a spokesman for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in a news release that the suspect was from Honduras and was in the country illegally. Cox said that federal records list his name as Oliver Funes Machado. His public defender, C. Boyd Sturges III, said his second last name is listed as Machada in local court records. Sturges also said that his client has 'some substantial mental health issues.' Sturges said while he's not a doctor, he could see that Funes Machada was 'a pretty profoundly disturbed young man.' Funes Machada called 911 around 12.45pm on Monday to tell police he had just killed his mother at their home in Franklin County, North Carolina. A deputy responding to the call then saw the teen walking out of the house holding the woman's head in one hand and what appeared to be a butcher's knife in the other. Inside the home, deputies found the body of 35-year-old Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machada. Franklin County Sheriff Kent Winstead said the 18-year-old is charged with first-degree murder in the wake of the incident. He has made his first appearance in court and was held without bond.

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