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World's eighth biggest spammer, who is responsible for sending more than a million spam emails, faces decades in jail after being arrested

The No. 8 worst spammer on the planet is now facing decades behind bars after being arrested for wire fraud. Michael Persaud, who is accused of sending more than a million spam emails and selling millions of email addresses to use for spamming, may face up to 20 years in prison for each of his 10 federal wire fraud charges. Persaud used multiple internet addresses and domains – a technique known as 'snowshoe spamming' – to transmit spam emails over at least nine networks, according to cyber-security expert Brian Krebs, who profiled Persaud last year. The 36-year-old was arrested last year after the networks he was using discovered his alleged scheme. He reportedly used pseudonyms such as 'Michael Pearson' and 'Jeff Martinez' to continue using the systems and earn commission for sales made by his spam, according to the indictment. In 2001, Persaud and an accomplice pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges for reportedly using a California company's system to blast out thousands of spam emails. He ended up paying nearly $10,000 in restitution, according to ABC News .
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