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Proof of US black projects? UFOs on back of trucks are secret stealth planes, says insider

Alien conspiracy theorists believe the strange cargoes, which have been seen as recently as this month, are the UFOs of alien visitors that have been captured by the authorities and are on their way to secret storage. Last week Express.co.uk reported how a stunned eyewitness watched open-jawed as a "UFO" was apparently seen being transported by a police convoy on the back on a truck at night near the Fort Leonard Wood area of Missouri on February 1 at 10.15pm local time. The alleged sighting was reported by an unnamed man to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in the US. It is about 240 miles from the Wright Patterson USAF base, which is where conspiracy theorists claim crashed UFOs, and even alien bodies, have been hidden away by the military.
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