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Mom accused of sharing topless photos, pot brownies with teens

A mother in Utah allegedly sent topless photos and smoked pot with teenagers in her home in a misguided attempt to relive her youth, according to one victim’s mother. Virginia Olson, 37, of Lehi, allegedly sent at least two topless photos in a group text that included at least three juveniles in November. She’s also accused of smoking marijuana and giving pot brownies to at least two teens at her home between late November and early February, Deseret News reports. One mother of a teen who asked not to be identified told KJZZ.com that Olson was “so nice,” someone who tried to ingratiate herself in the town of about 50,000. “I told my husband, ‘She’s so nice, it’s almost crazy,’” she said. “I’ve never seen someone want to be my friend so much.” Three parents spoke to the outlet about Olson, including one who said she found inappropriate messages on her son’s phone while trying to find the root of a recent behavioral issue. The woman discovered that Olson had been conversing with the teens through Instagram, sending messages that were sexual in nature.
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