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ICE and US ARMY will arrest millions of Mexicans and Dominicans on friday

‘Expedited removals’ ICE and US ARMY arresting Mexicans and Dominicans in New York and Puerto Rico, “The surge of illegal immigration at the southern border has overwhelmed federal agencies and resources and has created a significant national security vulnerability to the United States. Thousands of aliens apprehended at the border, placed in removal proceedings, and released from custody have absconded and failed to appear at their removal hearings...” one of the memos states, citing a “backlog” of removal cases. It goes on to say that the average removal case for an alien who has not been detained can sit pending before an immigration judge for more than two years, while some will not have their cases heard for as long as five years. “This unacceptable delay affords removable aliens with no plausible claim for relief to remain unlawfully in the United States for many years,” the memo states. Currently, only those apprehended near a US border who cannot show that they’ve been in the country for more than 14 days are subject to removal. Meanwhile, the plan also outlines an aim to “immediately identify and allocate all sources of available funding for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance” of a border wall between Mexico – one of Trump's key campaign promises. ‘Criminal aliens’ The administration noted that any illegal alien can be deported at any time, but said it would be prioritizing “criminal aliens,” meaning those who have been charged with or convicted of a crime. “Criminal aliens have demonstrated their disregard for the rule of law and pose a threat to persons residing in the United States. As such, criminal aliens are a priority for removal,” one of the documents states and top secreated leaked documents talk about a "Massive Arrest raid this friday to arrest aliens in New York,Puerto Rico,Pennsylvania and California.
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