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Conservative activist plans Wikileaks-style release of 'hundreds of hours' of footage of journalists at work in newsrooms - with fake newsCNN his main target

Project Veritas head James O'Keefe announced on a radio show that he is targeting the mainstream media, specifically CNN, in his newest set of leaks. Speaking on Sean Hannity's show on Tuesday, O'Keefe claimed he has 'hundreds of hours of tape' that he will be releasing 'Wikileaks style' on Thursday. He explained on the show that he's had 'people on the inside' coming to Project Veritas to give him the information 'Just like Julian Assange has people come to him, we've had people, sources, come to us and give us this information,' O'Keefe said to Hannity. Hannity speculated during the conversation that they would be camera crew, or other similar positions coming forward who have access to the audio. O'Keefe didn't name the specific organization, but said that it is one that President Trump is very hard on, leading Hannity to believe that the audio tapes will come from the CNN newsroom. He confirmed that suspicion on Wednesday afternoon by tweeting a picture of himself in front of a screen that says 'CNN tapes' with the text 'Tomorrow. #CNNLeaks'. His announcement comes at a time when the media is already under a large amount of scrutiny, specifically from the White House. President Trump also boldly exclaimed on Twitter that the 'fake news' is the enemy of the people. Now this supposed 'fake news' could be called under increased scrutiny with Project Veritas' reported upcoming leaks. Project Veritas is known for being an underground, right-wing reporting of audio clips that the public has not heard before. It has been accused in the past of editing said clips to misrepresent persons as having said things that they did not. However, it received momentous praise during the election for the outing of the bombshell 'DisruptJ20,' in which he released a series of videos that allegedly show the DNC's paid agitator network.

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