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Video shows cop shortly before ‘drunk’ driving patrol car

'Drunk' cop accused of driving squad car while wasted 'Drunk' cop accused of driving squad car while wasted Too bad his gut didn’t tell him to keep his mouth shut. A video obtained exclusively by The Post shows a tubby Bronx cop slurring his words as he responds to a noise complaint shortly before allegedly driving his patrol car while drunk. “So we knocked on the door, and we have this with the camera,” Officer Richard Evans, 44, says in the footage, which was recorded on Dec. 8 at an apartment building in Norwood. “Hey, cut it out,” the cop, who was previously photographed allegedly drunk and passed out with his beer gut on full display in the 52nd Precinct station locker room, continues. “Let’s like, whatever . . .” The man recording the clip then claims, “So you just skipped the whole part, right, where you pushed yourself into the door.” “I didn’t push anything,” Evans replies. “Do you, do you, do you, actually really think I care about you taping me right now?” the cop continues, tripping over his words. “Oh, no. I just want proof,” the man recording says in return. “ ’Cause you’re drunk.” Evans doesn’t respond to the allegation, simply closing his mouth. NYPD officer Richard Evans slurs his words during a video before allegedly drunk driving his patrol car. In another clip, the cop shoves his police badge toward the camera, then repeatedly says, “Look.” “Yo, what are you putting your hands on his phone for,” someone shouts in the background. The Norwood resident who recorded the footage alleged Evans was “drunk and acting like an ­a–hole.” “He wouldn’t let me close the door,” said the man, who declined to give his name. “He wouldn’t let anybody pass the door. Then I started recording everything.” He could smell alcohol on the officer’s breath, he added. Evans was busted on DWI and official-misconduct charges after someone at the apartment building called 911 to report that he appeared drunk. The 15-year veteran was found to be “unfit” for duty after he drove back to the station house, and stripped of his gun and badge. He’s been suspended without pay. “The defendant was allegedly intoxicated while driving a patrol car to and from the scene of a complaint,” Bronx DA Darcel Clark said in a statement. Stuart London, the union lawyer representing Evans, declined to comment on the video. “We’re confident when this case is litigated in a courtroom that reasonable doubt rings throughout the case,” he said. 

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