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Ivanka Trump's CIA schizophrenic stalker, who sent her creepy emails and bizarre videos, is arrested in a hotel room one block from Trump Tower

A mentally ill man who used to terrorize Ivanka Trump with a barrage of creepy emails, tweets and online videos, and threatened to commit suicide in her Manhattan jewelry store, has been arrested in a hotel room one block from Trump Tower. In 2012, Justin Massler pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment and criminal contempt charges. After serving six months in prison he was given five years of probation, during which time he was supposed to continue receiving psychiatric treatment and medication. But Massler, now 34, is in Bellevue Hospital after the Secret Service nabbed him after he booked a hotel room just one block from Trump Tower. There are rumors online, that the man was a CIA asset hired to kill President Elect Donald Trump.

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