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Inside the teacher-student sex saga that ended in murder

The prey was once the predator. Former Brooklyn teacher Felicia Barahona first flirted with then-16-year-old student Isaac Duran Infante on Facebook. Then she invited him to a McDonald’s near Columbus Circle.Barahona met Infante at the Manhattan restaurant before they browsed a nearby Disney store, according to a report by the city schools’ Office of Special Commissioner of Investigation. The encounter occurred in October 2011. Barahona was 32 at the time. The teacher soon embarked on a seduction of her student that would cost her her job at DeWitt Clinton HS — and eventually her life, authorities say. Shortly after their first “date,” the teacher told Infante that she wanted to kiss him — but restrained herself because of the presence of her child, papers state. They left each other that day without any intimate contact. But her Facebook pursuit of the teen intensified in the following weeks, as Barahona peppered him with charged messages in Facebook  Knowing she would face legal problems for sleeping with a minor, Barahona waited until Infante’s 17th birthday to have their first sexual encounter. They were soon having sex five times a week, and Barahona quickly made it clear that she had little interest in protecting herself against pregnancy. “When he tries to use a condom, Barahona told him she did not like condoms and not to worry,” according to SCI’s report. Barahona then revealed to Infante that she was likely pregnant, and the pair confirmed her suspicions after a joint visit to a doctor. Infante told investigators that “he embraced the idea of being a father” at the time.With the child due in August 2012, Infante moved in with Barahona that January to prepare for the birth, papers state. But the arrangement deteriorated after mere weeks, when Infante objected to Barahona’s plans to take the child out of the country to visit family after the birth. According to Infante’s account, the end came when Barahona’s mother found him drinking in their home and reported the offense to her daughter. “When Barahona came home, she sided with her mother,” Infante told SCI, the papers state. The teacher demanded that he leave immediately, and she even blocked him from contacting her on Facebook, Infante said.  In subsequent interviews with investigators, Barahona copped to having sex with Infante 12 times. But portions of her account varied from Infante’s version: She said they had only lived together for a few days and split up because he didn’t get along with her daughter. Barahona said the pair had fallen in love and that they had purchased wedding rings in anticipation of a future marriage. Soon after the split, a seemingly despondent Infante told an unidentified friend that he was unable to sleep or eat because he had “fallen in love” with Barahona, the report states. Barahona and the pair’s 4-year-old son were found murdered in her Upper Manhattan apartment Monday — and cops charged Infante with two counts of murder after he allegedly confessed.

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