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Carrie Fisher reportedly had drug relapse before death

Carrie Fisher suffered a drug relapse about a month before her fatal heart attack, a new report says. “Carrie had relapsed around Thanksgiving,” a source told RadarOnline. “I saw her myself high as a kite once, not that long ago. “Ironically, she said to me, ’You’re too old to get high anymore, dear.’ I replied, ‘You, too, dear.’ ” The source countered claims that the actress had gotten her addiction demons under control before she went into cardiac arrest aboard a plane Friday. Fisher, who lingered in a Los Angeles hospital for several days before dying Tuesday at age 60, had openly talk of her past battles with booze and pills, LSD and cocaine. “Some of her friends I talked to doubted she was ever totally clean and sober because she [still] got doctor’s prescriptions to treat her bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety,” the source told the website. A rep for the actress did not immediately respond to a Post request for comment. 
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