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Bronx NYPD deputy inspector says subordinate he allegedly groped came on to him

An NYPD Bronx precinct boss charged with sexually abusing a subordinate had been lusting after her for months — and he claims she came on to him, new court papers show. “When we were in my office, you kissed me. I do not remember you saying ‘stop,’ ” Deputy Inspector Keith Walton, 44, told the cop under his command days after allegedly groping her in the 49th Precinct stationhouse, according to the papers released Wednesday in Bronx Supreme Court. Walton’s stunning statements emerged the same day another subordinate named him in a federal suit, alleging he subjected her to a “campaign of unlawful retaliation” for failing to follow ticket-writing quotas — and for trying to give a city councilwoman a summons. Walton faces felony sexual abuse charges in the Bronx case for a Nov. 6 episode at the stationhouse where he served as commanding officer. He allegedly groped the cop after calling her into his office and forced her hand twice onto his crotch through his clothes. Bronx deputy inspector charged with sex abuse, forcible touching Prosecutors have said the victim rebuffed Walton. “Stop, what the hell are you doing? You need to stop. What the hell,” she allegedly said. The unidentified woman confronted her boss at the precinct two days after the unwanted advance, court papers state. In a tape-recorded conversation, he seemed alarmed. “Are you recording me? What are we here for? I am sorry that you feel that way,” the veteran inspector said, according to the suit. He then admitted longing for her since starting at the precinct last summer and said he thought she felt the same. “You are intriguing and someone I could trust, and there was an occasion where you touched my back, which made me presume that you were interested,” Walton says on the tape, court papers state. He then says on the day of the incident he “felt that attraction again” after spying the officer walking to the locker room. He also recalled sitting near her in church, “admiring how beautiful you were,” the court papers show. Supporters stand by Bronx NYPD commander accused of sexual abuse At the end of their conversation, he appeared to try to patch things up. “Do we end this with a hand shake?” he asked, according to court papers, before adding, “I want a hug.” Hours after Walton wore a suit and bright yellow tie in Bronx court to plead not guilty to the criminal charges, he became a defendant in a $35 million federal lawsuit. Michele Hernandez alleges in her Manhattan Federal Court case that Walton, while heading the 49th Precinct, disciplined her unfairly for refusing to follow summons-writing and arrest quotas. She also claims Walton discriminated against her for speaking out about a March 2014 incident in which she says she was told to quash a summons after pulling over Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson for using a cell phone while driving. Hernandez said in the suit that Walton discriminated against her for two years, and falsely accused her of misconduct inside a Chase bank in July.
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