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body cam video shows a white cop shooting an unarmed black burglary suspect in the back

Body camera footage has emerged showing the moment a Maryland cop shot an unarmed 20-year-old black man in the back. In the dramatic video, a group of officers is seen hunting for suspect Rashawn Curbeam after responding to a burglary call at the Hindus International Food Market in Laurel in April. The attending officers had already tasered and caught a 15-year-old found on the premises, and went looking to see if there were any other suspects. The footage shows an officer opening a door and shining in his light inside. He then is then startled by the suspect and appears to fire a single shot. This is the moment the police officer (right) fires a single shot into the doorway, hitting 20-year-old Rashawn Curbeam, 20, in the back. The footage shows the cops scrambling to pull Curbeam out of the doorway and assess his injuries, WUSA9 reported. The officer immediately gives Curbeam - who is unconscious - first aid and appears to panic. Another officer is heard saying to him: 'Calm down.' At the time of the shooting, the City of Laurel said the shooting was an accident and called the officer's actions 'unintentional'. Curbeam later posted his frustration on his Facebook page. Above the video, he wrote: 'They incriminating me as a "suspect" but not incriminating him for shooting me as a unarmed and no harm man.' Curbeam's lawyer, Patrick Preller, also disagreed, saying: 'Mr. Curbeam was unarmed, shot in the back and not posing a threat to the officer when he was shot down.' He added: 'We believe the video speaks for itself, and while we understand the Laurel Police Department deems this tragedy an accident, we disagree and believe the video shows otherwise. 'Police officers are in a unique position of power and authority in our communities; and as such they have a responsibility to be transparent and accountable for their actions. 'They are specifically trained only to use deadly force when necessary. Deadly force was clearly not necessary in this instance, and even under the most generous interpretation of the officer's actions in this event, there is no possible interpretation under which the officer's actions were warranted or should be excused.

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