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52 NYPD ‘Drunk’ cop stripped of his gun and badge

A Bronx cop was stripped of his gun and badge amid allegations that he was drunk on the job Thursday — and as a photo emerged of him passed out in the station-house locker room with his beer belly exposed, The Post has learned. Officer Richard Evans was deemed “unfit for duty” during his midnight-to-8 a.m. shift in the 52nd Precinct in Norwood, sources said. “He was clearly inebriated. He was slurring his words,” a police official said. Ironically, the first whiff of trouble came as Evans, 44, and his rookie partner checked out a report of a drunken dispute between neighbors, law-enforcement sources said. One of the people there accused Evans of being drunk, which he denied, and the officer summoned a supervisor, sources said. Someone at the scene also shot video of the allegedly drunken cop and made a complaint with 311, a source said. A sergeant responded, declared Evans fit for duty, and the cops all left without making any arrests, sources said. Evans stayed in the field until a short time later, when a duty captain summoned him back to the precinct station house near the New York Botanical Garden. The captain interviewed Evans, declared him unfit for duty and immediately suspended him, sources said. Evans was suspended without pay, said NYPD spokesman J. Peter Donald. The officer — who earned nearly $126,800 during fiscal 2016, including nearly $50,000 in overtime — was described by sources as a problem drinker. One source said he is “really sick and having issues.” “Nobody’s been able to do anything about it,” another said. A photo snapped last year shows Evans nodding off in a chair in the station’s locker room with his shirt hiked up, exposing his large gut. Other officers suspected he was intoxicated at the time, said lawyer Eric Sanders, who provided The Post with the photo. “This is part of a bigger problem in the Police Department, and this is why you have to question all these [police] shootings,” said Sanders, who specializes in representing whistleblowing members of the NYPD. Evans, a Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association delegate, did not return a call. His union also did not return requests for comment. Last year, Evans criticized longtime PBA President Pat Lynch for spending $13,000 in union funds on pricy steak dinners. “I live paycheck to paycheck,” he griped.
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