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Gay police officers under investigation for holding 'underage breeding parties'

The arrest of a gay police officer's boyfriend has sparked an investigation into whether cops participated in sex 'breeding parties' with underage teens. Schenectady Police Sergeant Jonathan E. Moore, 35, had been at a luxury car dealership in upstate New York before his boyfriend, Anthony Aubin, 27, was arrested for trying to use a fake check on October 12. Aubin was reportedly trying to buy a $90,000 Jaguar coupe and an $80,000 Range Rover from Capital Luxury Cars in Albany. Moore has been suspended without pay since the arrest took place. The 27-year-old's arrest kicked off what has become a wide-ranging investigation into whether officers were involved with or even hosted 'breeding parties', theTimes Union reports. The newspaper also claimed the parties may have been attended by teenagers who were not old enough to drink alcohol or consent to having sex with adults. A source connected to the Albany Police Department allegedly told the Times Union at least one officer was linked to the reported case, and suggested other departments could be included in the investigation as it continues. Albany Police Chief Brendan Cox said the matter is being 'looked into' and added he is not in a position to comment as of this stage. Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford told the New York Post the department was unaware of the 'breeding party' allegations before they were published in the Times Union.
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