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Does Mysterious NWO Illuminati Card Hint At Upcoming Political Assassination Attempt - Have They Had Enough?

Astute observers have taken an interest in the mysterious illuminati card game card seen above that is called 'enough is enough' and shows the likeness of a man with a bullet whizzing by his head. Is that supposed to be a particular person seen in the illuminati card game card above? When I first showed it to Susan, with her having no idea what or who it was, she immediately thought one name. Many others have thought the same person. Who do you think this card pictures? Who does this illuminati card game card show? Do you REALLY see anyone at all in that? Of course, that's Hitlery Clinton! Hmmm....Is that Ben Carson? Illuminati? No such thing...tin-foil hat drinking the kookaid Looks like our next president to me... Other VoteResults Poll Maker If you said Donald Trump, you're not alone and after recent threats allegedly made by Mexican drug lord El Chapo, who is allegedly offering $100 million dollars for the capture of Trump "dead or alive", this illuminati card game card is being looked at suspicously. Especially considering recent political rhetoric dished out by several of Trump's political rivals including Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and NJ Governor Chris Christie as seen in the 1st video below - "ENOUGH!" they shout, almost as if in unison, in reference to Donald's 'antics'. who.jpg With even the CIA recently admitting that they themselves were part of the cover-up of the JFK assassination as shared in this new story from Politico, 'accidentally' legitimizing the JFK conspiracy theories, does this card foreshadow another illuminati assassination attempt on US soil? It appears in the card that the bullet misses its' target - we should all pray for the safety of Donald Trump and are grateful that he appears to have a staff of very well trained people protecting him.

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