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Clinton campaign chairman Podesta boasted that Justice Department official who is now in charge of keeping congress informed of email probe 'kept me out of jail Read

The Justice Department official charged with keeping Congress updated on the Hillary Clinton email probe represented her campaign chairman during the Monica Lewinsky days. Peter Kadzik, now an assistant attorney general for legislative affairs, was the lawyer for John Podesta in 1998 when independent counsel Kenneth Starr was nosing around Podesta's role in getting Bill Clinton's mistress a new job at the United Nations. 'Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,' Podesta, whose emails were hacked and released by Wikileaks, told President Obama's aide Cassandra Butts in September 2008. It is unclear - although highly likely - that Podesta was referring to the Lewinsky link. He was White House chief of staff at the time of the scandal.

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